It’s a common joke in the house that when I get passionate about things I get really animated, move my hands around a lot, or raise my voice (when I’m not even mad). Or when we argue (yes we argue haha and it’s usually over really dumb things), Cody always teases me that I can get feisty and attributes it to my ‘spicy latin blood’ (I’m half Colombian – so when I saw this shirt I had to get it and it looks even better in person. I love the intersection of a graphic tee with embellishment – how good are these tassels! I definitely haven’t been shying away from bright colors lately. I love these bold red Kate Spade pants and they are actually really versatile! I’ve already worn them multiple times. And the statement bow totally makes them unique and a statement piece. And of course the shoes! I never shy away from pom poms!! Obsessed with these sandals!