Do you remember the perfect corner for reading? Well, it looks like the hanging chairs become quite popular these days. I personally like it a lot (and based on the comments that I received – so do you) and I think that it will be great to have one in my home office. And usually these hanging chairs are outdoor furniture, but because the summer is ending why not just bring them inside.   I’m always happy to browse the new home-ware catalogue by French Connection. I found there some pretty amazing stuff and the style is always so recognizable. Probably none of us is surprised that the popular fashion brand also created a pretty fall home collection, because we all know there is a tight connection between the trends in the fashion and those of the interiors.   The new autumn catalogue is different this time. It is much darker, relies on the earth natural tones and make the home to look cozier. Two years ago for example everything was white and light. Unfortunately they