Hi Peaches!

I can't believe it's been one year since we launched our Glass Skin Refining Serum. My biggest hope when developing this serum was to create a toxin-free, high-performance, delightful product that would make it easy for all of you to achieve your best skin yet. Essentially, that means skin that appears so poreless, luminous, and translucent, it looks like a crystal-clear pane of glass — hence, glass skin

Over the last year, we've heard from so many of you saying, “Oh my gosh, I have glass skin now!" We love hearing your stories because everything we do here at Peach & Lily is for you. You're the most important people in the room, and we're always thinking about all the ways we can better help meet your skin needs. 

That’s why it’s the most rewarding thing for us when you show us your love and support. Over the past year, you’ve been pouring out your love for our Glass Skin Refining Serum, sending us DMs and e-mails and leaving enthusiastic reviews on our site. Every single comment has truly brought a smile to our face; it’s been so humbling to be able to see your skin transform into what looks like glass skin. 

And what better way to celebrate a year filled with love than by giving love back? 

As you may know, for the last four years, we’ve been partnering with Restore NYC to contribute to their cause: rescuing and restoring sex-trafficked women right here in NYC. We've had the privilege to meet some of these women, and their stories of resilience and restoration are inspiring and humbling. 

We want to build a more beautiful community by making a difference where we can. Today, we’d like to invite each of you to do good while looking good. 

To wish Glass Skin a happy first birthday, we will be donating $50,000 of net proceeds of the Glass Skin Serum! That means we’ll be donating 100% of all proceeds from the Glass Skin Serum until we reach $50,000!

Help us spread the word — not only will your friends love the Glass Skin Serum, but they can also know that they are making a profound difference in the lives of so many women. 

Thank you for a year of loving our Glass Skin, and here's to many more! Cheers to radiance!