Everyone wants to enjoy a dining room, but not everyone has the space to accommodate a traditional one. Living in big cities means making sacrifices, and dining rooms are usually the first amenities to go. It’s the bathtub of rooms, since it routinely gets left out of many designs. Just because your landlord didn’t think it was necessary doesn’t mean that it doesn’t leave a mark. It’s the most common thing renters miss, since they are reminded of its absence during every meal.

From living in dorms to cramped apartments, everyone has had to get creative to make a dining room. Fortunately, melding a dining room into a kitchen or workspace is easier than most people think. With a few innovations, making a dining room is relatively simple. In this situation simple is better, so there’s no reason to go overboard. Instead of blowing your budget on high-end products, it’s time to think outside the box. For this reason, we compiled a list of ways to make a dining room fit anywhere. These tips are a godsend for cramped living, so win back your right to eat comfortably!

Tips For Creating a Dining Room In Cramped Conditions

Tip #1: Utilize Unused Spaces – Usually a small apartment means that all the wall space is already being used. From sofas to counters, there’s rarely space for new additions. Get around this inconvenient truth by installing a wooden counter across a window. This innovation provides the perfect café window seat without encroaching on your décor!

Tip #2: Tuck It into the Wall – Everything foldable is a small apartment renters best friend. From high top tables to bars, there’s no excuse for settling for bulky furniture. Tucking it into the wall is the best option, so don’t miss out on this deviance from the norm!

Tip #3: Use the Right Seating – Picking the right furniture is just as important as finding the right spot to install them. Instead of taking up space with chairs, use stools that are easily pressed against the wall. These take up little to no real estate, which is perfect when space is tight. Take a look at our wide selection of Modern Stools to discover the design that’s ideal for your décor!