I am a huge on wearing white sneakers, and I wear them with almost all kind of outfits. Yes, I do get comments sometimes that "how can you wear sneakers with a blazer" and my response invariably is, you can wear your white sneakers with a blazer or even with a full blown suit for that matter. If I am not mistaking, I at least own 7 pairs of white sneakers. (Yeah, that's how much I love them) I just can't hold myself back when I spot a pair of good white sneakers, online or in store. Almost always I end up buying it.

Sure my shoe wardrobe is bit too much white right now, but I am not complaining.

Oh, and yes I do not own a single pair of dress shoes (oxfords, brogues, monks) nothing, nada, zero. Not that I don't appreciate a pair of top quality dress shoes, but I think I am not cut out for that kind of super formal dressing.

I like to keep my outfits comfortable, casual and mostly simple. There's a huge misconception about white sneakers is that you can only wear them with jeans & t-shirt outfits. And that is so wrong.

I have friends who often ask me, why the hell are you wearing sneakers with chinos + blazer outfit? And my first reaction is "do they look bad" and their reply is almost NO every single time.


So, if my outfit is not looking bad (In fact it's looking super edgy and sharp), why shouldn't I wear my white sneakers. right?

Now, I see a lot of street style bloggers wearing white sneakers with almost all kind of outfits. But there's a large group of men that still thinks white sneakers are only for sports or casual settings.


Now, to prove that you can wear your white sneakers with almost all kind of outfits, I have curated 9 sharp looks from Bernd Hower's (Insta Celebrity and Fashion & Lifestyle blogger) Instagram page.

If you are into white sneakers, then you gotta follow this guy on Instagram. His Instagram account is all about casual, semi-formal, business casual outfits. And one thing you can't miss that Bernd is a huge fan of white sneakers like you and me.

Ready to see some cool outfit ideas? alright, let's dive in.