Hey hi guys,
How are you doing these days? Sorry for not being around as I was supposed to, but I dedicated this week to the duties of my life. I had a very busy times with Le studio, clients starting to coming and it is so exciting… and also I passed my driver’s license test. From the first try! Hooray!
And while I celebrate all these things and the end of the weekend with a glass of wine and few good movies, you may enjoy my late links:

Another happy news for me this week came from Mozi magazine (if you are passionate about photography, maybe you know the magazine). If you browse through their latest issue you will see my thoughts about “Seeing and loving simple things in life”.

Good design of modern fast food restaurant? Sounds impossible?!? Well, check the work of this Ukrainian agency.

photo tour in the apartment of the tumblr founder David Karp. And maybe it will be interesting for you to learn more about David here.

Recently I’m so in love with the denim color. Here is a small collection for inspiration.

Interesting combination from the Portuguese illustrator Wasted Rita. She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.