It’s been a little more than half-a-year since we launched our namesake Peach & Lily Collection, and it has been so incredibly exciting to see and hear all your stories about how our products have transformed your skin.

As you may know, we spent years iterating thousands of formulas and obsessing over every single final ingredient, determined to create the perfect formulas with one of the best labs in the world. We were shaking with nervousness, excitement, anticipation, and pride on launch day. You were finally going to meet our creations, and you were finally going to be able to take our carefully-perfected formulas (made with zero compromises) into your homes to care for your skin. That is a privilege that we will never take for granted.

It’s now been a little over half-a-year since our launch, and, since day one, we’ve been reading all the stories you’ve been sharing. It’s been a thrill to see so many of you describing your skin with words like "glass skin,” "luminous," "super healthy," "acne-free,” and "firm and line-free.”

Whenever a review comes in over Instagram, our website, blog, Facebook, email, we promise we see every single one. We take your comments very seriously, and it's fuel that keeps us passionate about meeting all your skincare needs.

Here are some of our favorite reviews from Instagram — thank you all for the love and for sharing your skincare journeys with us!

Here are a few of the reviews you’ve shared with us on our site!

Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser

My new HG cleanser. I have never been one to spend a ton of money on a cleanser. That said, I have rosacea and acne-prone skin so I figured I would give this a try. It is actually the most gentle and calming cleanser I have ever used. Brings down my redness and is super gentle. LOVE! —Wynter D., Verified Buyer

I suffer from hormonal acne and this cleanser calms by bumps and reduces the redness associated with it. I also love the fact it does not have a strong scent, very subtle. —Christine, Verified Buyer

I really like this cleanser. It’s really gentle but cleans my skin without stripping it. My two teenagers also like using this product. A big plus is that it does not smelly overly perfume like. My son appreciates that . Another plus is the packaging. Since it’s a tube we can get every last drop of product out. We will be purchasing in the future. —Brein G., Verified Buyer

Good Acids Pore Toner

I really love this toner. I wasn't sure if it was going to be harsh or drying because of the acids but it totally isn't! It has really helped to keep my skin balanced and clear even during hormonal times of the month. Such a great toner for everyday use — day and night. —Jean K., Verified Buyer

After a few weeks of using this, my skin is noticeably clearer and pores are smaller. I have combination skin that tends to dry out in many places while also having blackheads and whiteheads in others. I use this toner once every day or two days, depending on how my skin feels. Paired with the glass skin serum, it has really made a difference. —Kristiene G., Verified Buyer

I love this product! I am currently using a retinoid so this is a really great way to incorporate an AHA in my routine. It's super gentle and really just gives you very mellow exfoliation. I just put it straight on my face — no cottons required! —Kate L., Verified Buyer

Wild Dew Treatment Essence

It’s hard to fight skepticism when we hear lots of promises about yet another product on a market. And yet we try... And I’m glad I did. This product did not disappoint and became a new addition to my skin routine. The skin does feel and look fresh and moist all day long either in conditioned indoors or during adventures outdoors. Highly recommend to all who would like to add a little boost to their appearance. —Ellada Z, Verified Buyer

I got a sample of the Wild Dew Treatment Essence. Since I got so much in that small sample and I didn’t want to waste it, I decided to just layer it on my skin. Wow!! It is sooo dewy!! It’s lightweight, NOT sticky, and very hydrating. I woke up the next morning and my face has a nice glow. I decided to purchase the bottle. I honestly love this product! I first I thought it was very pricey, but now that I’ve been using it, I honestly believe it’s worth every penny. —Peta, Verified Reviewer 

The texture is really like the perfect consistency and it soaks into the skin really well, immediate hydration for sure. It leaves a slight tacky feel but you do know that it’s all the good stuff you are getting and none of those silicone and alcohol infused serums that make your skin smooth like silk, temporary. I have dehydrated, sensitive skin and this one works for me very well. —Lim C., Verified Buyer

Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

My skin is very sensitive and acne prone and this mask is perfect! My face got brighter and smoother. My skin tone is becoming more even and my existing acne is fading away. I use it every 3 days. Usually exfoliation causes more irritation and breakouts for me, but not with this mask. I may have had a few tiny pimples after my first use but then everything calmed down before the second use. I love this product! Will definitely continue to purchase. —Suzanne E., Verified Buyer

Ever since using this mask 2x a week my skin has become noticeably more clear and refreshed. I moved to a humid climate roughly six months ago and have been struggling (to say the least) to rid myself of regular breakouts. This mask has helped do the trick. Yes, yes, yes. —Christine D., Verified Buyer

Originally tried this as part of a test group and loved my sample so much that I bought the full size. I love Korean beauty products and the resurfacing mask is no exception. It makes my skin feel smoother and tighter after every use. It tingles slightly and i don’t love the smell but the results are well worth it. —Jill D., Verified Buyer

Glass Skin Refining Serum

I have been using this serum for about 3 months and my skin has never looked better! For me, it's done a fantastic job of balancing my combination skin and keeping me hydrated. My skin looks bright and my complexion is clear – and it quickly healed breakouts from another product I had been using. I have very sensitive skin and this serum has worked wonders for me! —Maria V., Verified Buyer

I tried not to get my hopes up too high but there was so much buzz about this product. I naturally have good skin with occasional breakouts, but this product (along with the matcha moisturizer) has really taken my skin next level--nearly glass skin status in just a couple of weeks. Skin tone is very even (which I have struggled with my entire life) and texture has smoothed out as well, and that's not something I knew I struggled with. But the serum has added natural radiance and a "thickness" to my skin--like how little kids have that bounce and collagen heavy look. Being closer to 40 than my 30s now, I'll take it! —Roe M., Verified Buyer

I'm from Korea and have stuck to using K-beauty regimen my whole life. Up until high school, my skin was super clear. When I came to America for college, my skin went through a complete breakout and has been very slow to recover. I wanted my "glass skin" back and wanted to try this serum because the name stuck. I am always skeptical of how much a serum can impact a skin. In the end, it just feels like an additional product to help moisturize the skin. However, this serum was different. First of all, it's perfect for the summer because it is so lightweight and gets applied to the skin giving a supple hydration without leaving a heavy residue. I also love the very subtle scent because I hate it when a product feels too heavily scented (doesn't feel natural for me). The liquidy texture feels like the perfect touch before adding a moisturizer or a cream to finalize my skin regimen. Also, I have very sensitive, combination skin that is prone to acne with synthetic or chemical ingredients. This product did not break me out AT ALL and has been a wonderful aid to my slow recovery process. I would recommend the glass serum to someone who wants something to help balance out the moisture in their skin (a.k.a people with combination skin like me!). —Yeni C. Verified Buyer

Pure Beam Luxe Oil

Being combination skin I didn't think I'd like this oil and would only use it around my eyes and neckline as I'm also in my 60's. Wrong, I mix it into my moisturizer as well as directly on my eyes and neck. It isn't oily at all, just leaves my skin soft, glowing and feeling great with no oily shine at all. Love it. —Carol L., Verified Buyer

I've been using this oil day and night and I usually only use oils at night because they tend to be heavy for me, especially since I have oily skin in the summer. However, this oil is so light weight and absorbs quickly and I haven't had any breakouts from it. My skin is glowing and I've noticed my skin tone has started to even out and my hyper-pigmentation is slowly fading. I definitely would recommend this oil to anyone who may be afraid to add oil to their routine, especially those with oily skin. —Philicia, Verified Reviewer

This oil is the best oil I've used. It is lightweight and yet concentrated enough to soothe and hydrate my skin. I have oily skin but the oil does not add more oiliness onto it. The is the best oil I've purchased and will continue to use it in combination with the glass skin refining serum. —Christine H., Verified Buyer

Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

No inflammation, perfect hydration, a little goes a long way! This is my new go-to. —Lauren B., Verified Buyer

I have a mild rosacea issue, so I’m always looking for products that won’t make the redness situation worse. To complicate things, I dislike the feeling of thick, heavy creams, which are probably the best texture for my aging skin. Matcha Pudding seems like it would fall into the thick and heavy camp, but it is deceiving. It goes on the skin like a silky dream and is quickly absorbed. Yet my skin feels plumped and hydrated all night (and day) long. Will remain faithful to this one! —Brian F., Verified Buyer

So far, I love this face cream! I have combination skin, where I have very dry spots and very oily spots (usually on my t zone) this cream is perfect for that, because it moisturizes my dry areas and doesn't over moisturize my oily areas. Its light, yet not too light that it's not moisturizing enough. It also makes my skin feel super soft and dewy. I highly recommend!! —Sarah G., Verified Buyer

Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads

Sometimes I just don't want to do my whole routine. These pads cut out quite a bit of my nightly multi-step routine (which I'll still do 3-4 days of the week) and are great to use post-workout. They're an absolute must-have for me when I travel because I don't want to spend a lot of time on my normal routine, let alone have to deal with checking a bag for my other products. —Rachel C., Verified Buyer

This product is amazing. I have sensitive skin that is blemish prone and large pores. I have had no problems with this product causing breakouts. My skin looks so much better being hydrated. And it's great when your running late in the mornings. —Stacey T., Verified Buyer

True to its word! This product is great for my lazy days , but also really great for days when I'm breaking out a bit and my skin feels out of whack . When I don't want to overpower my skin with too many products, I think this really helps to re-balance my overall tone and texture. I will definitely put this in my holy grail, top 5, must have in my skincare arsenal.  —Sara Y., Verified Reviewer

K-Beauty Rescue Balm

I love using this to treat my dry spots - from cuticles to my hairline, they need extra attention this time of year, either from the weather or the heater indoors. It absorbs quickly and easily and doesn't leave a gross, sticky residue you find with other moisturizers. Smell is fine. Be sure to squeeze the package to mix it up - it's pretty oily, so it can separate.  —Cat D., Verified Buyer

This rescue balm is amazing. I have very sensitive skin and most lotions will make my eczema break out all along my hands; this product healed my hands. When I received this product my knuckles were dry and cracking, and from trying different lotions to help heal my hands, I had an eczema breakout. After only 1 day of use, my knuckles were almost healed and my eczema was starting to calm down. I keep this in my purse for emergencies, because this needs to be with me at all times. Specifics about the balm: it is thick and then melts into you skin. It doesn't leave your skin feeling oily all day. It does not have a strong scent. A little goes a long way. —Jenny, Verified Reviewer 

I love this balm. I use it around my chin area, on my hands and arms when im feeling especially dry and rough. It is very heavy, almost a vaseline like texture, but so incredibly breathable- which was shocking to me! I have no concerns whatsoever about breaking out when i load it on! My favorite is to put a few layers and allow it to soak in overnight :)  —Josephine, Verified Reviewer

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